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    Research Study

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    Conduction System Pacing Optimized Therapy



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    Chiara Trombetta

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    1 years, 9 months, 31 days

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    Some Patients with Heart Failure (where the heart is unable to pump enough blood to the body) have problems that relate to the hearts electrical signals not being normal, that displays a distinct pattern on their ECG (this shows the electrical signals from the heart). This pattern is called a wide QRS.\n\nFor these patients, the standard of care treatment is Cardiac Resynchronisation Therapy (CRT), which involves\naltering the timing of the heart’s contraction using biventricular pacing where we send electrical pulses to both sides of the heart, which helps coordinate the hearts contractions. This uses a pacemaker and three leads inserted into the heart through veins.\n\nA significant patient-group doesn’t respond well to traditional biventricular pacing as they do not feel better after device implant. Recently a new pacing modality (Left bundle branch pacing) has been recognised that uses the heart’s intrinsic conduction system to synchronise it more and pump better. We will investigate whether the combination of traditional biventricular pacing and left bundle branch pacing is providing the best resynchronisation therapy in the more challenging patient group.\n\nThis study sets out to establish if an alternative to His pacing could provide doctors with an alternative and potentially superior method for providing CRT in Heart failure patients with a wide QRS. This technique aims to pace another part of the hearts wiring system call the Left bundle branch, in conjunction with a lead in a vein of the heart that paces the left ventricle. This is called the CSPOT configuration.\n

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    North of Scotland Research Ethics Committee 1

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    25 Jun 2021

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    Favourable Opinion