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COVID Symptom Study Biobank [COVID-19]

  • Research type

    Research Tissue Bank



  • Research summary

    COVID Symptom Study Biobank [COVID-19]

  • REC name

    Yorkshire & The Humber - Leeds East Research Ethics Committee

  • REC reference


  • Date of REC Opinion

    23 Oct 2020

  • REC opinion

    Further Information Favourable Opinion

  • Data collection arrangements

    Specimens will be stored for their entire lifespan, from collection, processing, storage, retrieval for analysis, to their potential disposal at the Department of Twin Research laboratory facility at the Rayne Institute, KCL, St Thomas’ Hospital Campus, under KCL HTA license 12522\n\nThe participants personal data will be kept on a secure password protected database that is kept separated from a shared drive and accessible only by certain members of the bobank team. All samples, phenotype and questionnaire data will be labelled and stored anonymously and cannot be linked to the participant by research personnel. All other data will be stored under the unique ID number on the database

  • Research programme

    The biobank will support any COVID-19 research programmes providing they have a valid justified scientific requirement for the data and samples from the bank, and appropriate funding for the resource is secured.

  • Storage license


  • RTBTitle

    COVID Symptom Study Biobank [COVID-19]

  • Establishment organisation

    Department of Twin Research & Genetic Epidemiology

  • Establishment organisation address

    3rd Floor, South Wing, Block D

    St. Thomas' Hospital Campus

    Westminster Bridge Road, London

    SE1 7EH

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