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    Research Study

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    COMmunity-BAsed Testing of migrants for Infectious Diseases 2 (COMBAT-ID 2): Qualitative study of the views of healthcare professionals and migrants to screening for infectious diseases in primary care



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    Manish Pareek

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    University of Leicester

  • Duration of Study in the UK

    3 years, 11 months, 31 days

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    People born in some parts of the world are much more likely to suffer from serious infectious illnesses, for example tuberculosis, hepatitis and HIV. Although early testing for these illnesses is recommended by the UK government, it is rarely done. Early testing could identify such illnesses before they have become worse or spread to others. However, we do not know if people would agree to early tests, just how effective early testing would be, and whether it would be good value for money.


    As part of a new strategy in Leicester, UK, people born overseas will be offered testing for certain infectious illnesses (tuberculosis, HIV and viral hepatitis) when they register with a GP in the city. In this study we will evaluate the views of people born abroad and healthcare professionals towards the infectious diseases and testing for them in primary care.

    Study design and methods

    We will conduct interviews and focus groups with people born abroad and healthcare professionals to see what they think about testing for these infections.

    Patient and public involvement

    We have undertaken group discussions with people born abroad to get their views on this topic and how we should undertake the work. They have been very supportive and provided important information about how to take the work forward, which topics to concentrate upon and how to involve people in the study. During the course of the project we will continue to work with people born abroad to guide and advise us about the work. We have also been working with GPs in Leicester to get their views on this testing programme and they are also highly supportive.

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    East Midlands - Leicester South Research Ethics Committee

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    13 May 2016

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    Further Information Favourable Opinion