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CISCO-21 - Treat and prevent Long COVID

  • Research type

    Research Study

  • Full title

    Prevention and early treatment of the long-term effects of COVID-19: a randomised clinical trial of resistance exercise.



  • Contact name

    Colin Berry

  • Contact email

  • Sponsor organisation

    Greater Glasgow & Clyde Health Board

  • Duration of Study in the UK

    2 years, 0 months, 0 days

  • Research summary

    Many people have long-lasting symptoms after COVID-19, such as breathlessness, fatigue and chest pain. So far, most research studies of treatments for COVID-19 have focused on the life-threatening acute illness. There have been very few studies looking at treatments to improve long-term health after COVID-19.

    COVID-19, particularly when this requires a hospital admission, can lead to weight loss and muscle wasting. Muscle strengthening (resistance-based) exercise could improve outcomes in the long term.

    We are looking to do two things:

    1) To undertake a research trial of resistance-based exercise for people recovering from COVID-19. The study will involve 220 patients, half assigned at random (50:50 chance) to the exercise group and half assigned to standard care. The main assessment (primary outcome) is the incremental shuttle walk test, measured in metres achieved, at 3 months. Secondary measures include spirometry, grip strength and questionnaires. A blood sample will be obtained for research purposes. We will also request permission for longer term follow-up of health records and record linkage( funding dependent)- a submission to PBPP will be made prior to any Record linkage.

    2) Develop a process for creating a platform for future trials of new treatments after COVID-19. This will cut the costs of doing future trials, and allow more patients the opportunity to contribute to medical research that will help improve outcomes for people recovering from COVID-19.

    Our team is multidisciplinary, multi-ethnic, gender-balanced and drawn from across NHS Scotland, and the University of Glasgow. We are currently leading the Cardiovascular Imaging in SARS-CoV-2 (CISCO-19) study, funded by the Chief Scientist Office, in the West of Scotland, using medical imaging of the hearts, lungs, and kidneys of patients, to understand the impact of COVID-19. We have consulted with members of the public, including people with COVID-19, in designing this study.

  • REC name

    West of Scotland REC 5

  • REC reference


  • Date of REC Opinion

    7 Apr 2021

  • REC opinion

    Further Information Favourable Opinion