Care After REsuscitation (CARE)

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    Research Study

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    A feasibility study of implementing simple psychological interventions in survivors of cardiac arrest and their family member/friend to assess the impact on their quality of life and cognitive function



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    Thomas Keeble

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    At Essex Cardio Thoracic Centre (CTC), the follow up of patients in a current research trial involving survivors of cardiac arrest emphasized that standard psychological support arrangements for these patients and their families/relatives were inadequate. The purpose of this study is to investigate simple psychological interventions can be implemented here at the Essex CTC with a view to supporting the psychological wellbeing of survivors of cardiac arrest during their recovery.

    We propose to recruit 2 groups of patients. The first group will be chosen from patients who have already survived a cardiac arrest between 3 to 9 months prior to the start of the study. Participants in this group (patient and a relative/friend) will be invited to attend an out-patient clinic at the Essex CTC with members of the research team. We will record general physical health condition and psychological wellbeing, using recommended questionnaires. A referral to on-site consultant psychiatrist will be offered to anyone expressing signs of severe depression.

    The second group will be recruited from patients who survive cardiac arrest from the start of study date. Participants in this group (patient and a relative/friend) will be approached by a member of the research team whilst in hospital and an informed consent will be obtained. Baseline data will be acquired using the recommended questionnaires and a supportive psychological intervention will be offered in the form of a dedicated telephone helpline, attendance at a cardiac arrest clinic and early referral to clinical psychiatrist if appropriate for psychological help. At around 6 months from the date of cardiac arrest, participants will be invited to attend a clinic to re-evaluate post cardiac arrest care using the same recommended questionnaires. The data will then be compared with baseline data using advanced statistical analysis.

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    East of England - Cambridge South Research Ethics Committee

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    21 Jul 2014

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    Further Information Favourable Opinion

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