Behavioral Problems in Childhood Constipation

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    Research Study

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    Exploring the prevalence of associated behavioral problems in children with functional constipation



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    Job Cyriac

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    Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust

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    1 years, 0 months, 0 days

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    In our clinical practice, parents consistently report a number of abnormal behavioural patterns like irritability, aggression, temper tantrums, disrupted sleep patterns, straining and withholding behaviour more frequently in children with constipation. Increasing duration between complete bowel evacuation results in an exaggerated pattern of these behavioural problems. In addition, parents also report further physical symptoms like lethargy, poor appetite, etc. These symptoms seem to be more prominent in preschool children. Interestingly, these behavioural changes are dramatically reduced when the constipated child has an effective bowel evacuation. From the number of clinical histories taken in our clinic, there seems to be a linear relationship between the increasing intensity and frequency of these abnormal behaviours and the number of days between effective bowel clearances.

    This is an exploratory study into the prevalence and magnitude of behavioural problems in a UK sample of children currently experiencing functional constipation. We wish to examine if there is a positive correlation between the magnitude of behavioural problems and the frequency of bowel evacuation or the severity of constipation.

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    Wales REC 7

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    10 May 2017

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    Favourable Opinion