AccessCMD: A Next Generation Registry in Cardiometabolic Disease

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    Research Tissue Bank



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    AccessCMD: A Next Generation Registry in Cardiometabolic Disease

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    East Midlands - Derby Research Ethics Committee

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    21 Dec 2023

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    Further Information Favourable Opinion

  • Data collection arrangements

    DNA samples will be captured using home testing kits sent to consenting participants.
    These samples will be stored at the Queen Mary's University of London biorepository where they will be made available to researchers in line with the AccessCMD protocol.

  • Research programme

    Complex cardiometabolic disease is responsible for the largest share of mortality and morbidity worldwide. With myriad complications of cardiovascular multimorbidity, healthcare costs are steadily rising. The direct estimated healthcare cost burden of, for example, downstream heart failure alone in the US is predicted to rise to $53 billion by the next decade. There is an urgent and pressing need for population-level solutions to address this rising pandemic. In the ‘at risk’ population, there are many identified and evidence-based preventative and treatment solutions to avoid and mitigate the most severe adverse outcomes. There is however a lack of implementation science solutions to making sure that preventative and treatment strategies address the widest population that can be accessed. This has been partly hampered by a lack of studies with recall consent that are truly reflective of the primary care population needed to address the question most effectively.

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    AccessCMD: A Next Generation Registry in Cardiometabolic Disease

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    Cohort Science Ltd

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    8 Warner Yard

    EC1R 5EY