A study of biomarkers in muscle invasive bladder cancer (TUBA)

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    Research Study

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    A study of biomarkers in muscle invasive bladder cancer (TUBA)



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    Syed A Hussain

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    Research Support Group, The University of Birmingham

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    This study will use diagnostic tissue samples collected at initial surgery (trans-urethral resection of bladder tumour [TURBT]) from patients randomised to BC2001 (Bladder Cancer 2001), a phase III study of radiotherapy with or without synchronous chemotherapy in muscle invasive bladder cancer. We hypothesise that by using a panel of molecular markers in a large series of patients treated in a randomised clinical trial we will be able to identify markers of prognostic value which will help in monitoring bladder cancer treatment and might guide clinician decisions regarding which treatment to offer a patient. Selected molecular markers in this research program are known to have an impact on disease progression and treatment resistance in bladder cancer.

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    South Central - Berkshire Research Ethics Committee

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    7 Jul 2014

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    Favourable Opinion