Progress reports

Last updated on 5 Apr 2024

Depending on what approval you have received you will be asked to complete a progress report to keep us up to date with how your research is progressing.

Research Ethics Committee (REC)

A progress report should be submitted to the REC which gave the favourable opinion 12 months after the date on which the favourable opinion was given.  Progress Reports are only required for studies that are more than two years in duration and for Research Tissue Bank and Research Databases. There is no requirement for a Progress Report for Proportionate Review studies or where the study is two years or less in duration.

There are separate forms for submitting progress reports, depending on the type of research. Please use the form that is applicable to your type of research.

You should complete the forms in typescript. They will need to be authorised by the Chief Investigator or the sponsor/sponsor representative.

An electronic copy should be emailed to the REC within 30 days of the end of the reporting period.

HRA and HCRW Approval

Research in receipt of HRA and HCRW Approval which have also been reviewed by a REC should make regular progress reports to the HRA in line with the arrangements for RECs (see above). For research with HRA and HCRW Approval which were not required to be reviewed by a REC, progress reports are not required.

These requirements apply to all research with HRA and HCRW Approval.

Confidentiality Advisory Group (CAG) annual review

All approvals are reviewed annually to assess the need for continuing approval and to ensure that progress towards, or achievement of, any conditions of approval is in place. This review is carried out following submission of an annual review report.

At this stage you should consider if it would be possible to reduce the amount of confidential patient information that you are processing.

To allow sufficient time for processing, an annual review report should be submitted to the Confidentiality Advice Team by email four weeks before the approval expires (i.e. no later than 11 months following the final approval date) using the report template. This will be assessed by the Confidentiality Advice Team in the first instance.

Early termination or temporary halt of research

If the research is terminated early or is temporarily suspended, you should notify all relevant review bodies within 15 days.

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