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HRA governance structure - infographic long description

Last updated on 19 Oct 2022

The Secretary of State (SoS) for Health and Social Care sits at the top of the HRA governance structure.

The HRA Board sits underneath the SoS for Health and Social Care.

The Pay and Remuneration Committee advises the Board and provides oversight of directors' remuneration and terms of service.

The HRA Audit and Risk Committee advises the Accounting Officer (AO) and Board on risk management, corporate governance and assurance arrangement.

Independent auditors review and provide assurance on internal control measures and risk management processes to the HRA Audit and Risk Committee.

The AO reports to the HRA Board. They are responsible for maintaining a sound system of internal control to support the achievement of HRA policies, aims and objectives whilst safeguartding public funds and the HRA's assets. The AO is accountable via a Framework Agreement with the Department of Health and Social Care to Sos. The AO is accountable for discharge of functions to the Board.

The Executive Committee reports to the HRA Board. The committee is the senior executive decision making body of the HRA responsible for leading the HRA and delivery of the HRA's strategic aims and objectives.

The Digital Strategy and Prioritisation Group, Portfolio Delivery group, Recruitment Panel and People Group sit underneath the Executive Committee and Accounting Officer.

The Digital Strategy and Prioritisation Group is responsible for directing the HRA digital strategy and overseeing the overall performance of digital initiatives and services within the organisation.

The Portfolio Delivery Group is responsible for overseeing the delivery of the HRA's key programmes.

The Recruitment Panel is responsible for review and authorisation of new roles and changes to existing posts.

People Group is responsible for review and authorisation for strategies, plans, changes and policies relating to HRA staff.

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