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The Research Systems programme

Last updated on 9 Jul 2021

Our Research Systems programme will make it easy for researchers to carry out responsible research that complies with legal and ethical expectations, and will provide lay-friendly information about the results of research.

Online submission of amendments

The programme will create intuitive research systems which talk to each other and interact with other regulators’ systems - creating one seamless online resource for applicants. This will build on and enhance our existing work with partners to further improve our services. The new systems will support researchers throughout the lifecycle of their project.

As part of the programme, work is underway to improve users’ experience of the Integrated Research Application System (IRAS) used by researchers to apply for, and maintain, approvals.

This is a long-term improvement programme, which sees the HRA working with the Devolved Administrations as well as fellow regulators and will also ensure IRAS is fit for the future. This improvement programme will be built in stages with feedback from each stage feeding into the development. You may begin to see some changes over the coming months, with other changes coming into place over the next few years.

This work continues during the COVID-19 pandemic but may be subject to change.

Improvements so far

We are developing new parts of IRAS to provide new functionality and improve user experience.

Online amendments

You can now submit your amendments online rather than via email.

Online Booking Service

You can now book your review meetings online at your convenience by using our online booking service which you can access 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Combined review service for the submission and review of CTIMPs

Work is underway to streamline the approval and management for clinical trials of investigational medicinal products (CTIMPs) through a new part of IRAS.

We have been working with participants from industry and NHS organisations to develop a more integrated process for researchers and sponsors.

IRAS Brand Development

As part of the development we are refreshing the IRAS brand. Working with our brand partner, we created a short survey to give us valuable insight to how IRAS users and stakeholders feel about the current brand, which will help us when developing the refreshed brand concepts. Keep your eye out for further details as this work progresses.

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