Updated Code of Conduct for the application of data-driven technologies in the NHS is published

Last updated on 19 Feb 2019

An updated Code of Conduct for the application of data-driven technologies in the NHS has been published today 

The Code, which sets out what the NHS expects from companies who are developing new technologies for the health system, and what they can expect in return, was announced by Matt Hancock, the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, who was speaking in the House of Commons.

At the heart of the new Code are 10 ‘gold-standard’ principles which have been drawn up with the help of industry, academics and patient groups and which encourage technology companies to protect patient data to the highest standards.

Jonathan Montgomery

“Patients want to see innovation in health and social care research, but they also want to know that their data is being used appropriately.

“Good laws and robust regulation ensure that this is the case, and the new Code of Conduct builds on this to set clear expectations of developers and the NHS alike, and reassure patients that technologies can benefit their own treatment and the health system as a whole.”

Professor Sir Jonathan Montgomery, Chair of the HRA

Data-driven technologies are already being used across the NHS to improve the early diagnosis of heart disease and lung cancer, to better matching patients to clinical trials, and support the planning of care for patients with complex needs.

The Code of Conduct points health and social care researchers to our website, where new pages set out clearly the approvals process for data-driven technology research, and how the HRA works with other organisations in this space to ensure that the rights of patients and the public and protected and promoted. 

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