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UK wide survey on implementing amendments at NHS/HSC organisations

Last updated on 15 Oct 2021

You’ve told us that there are significant issues with the implementation of amendments at participating sites across the UK. Whilst amendments should be implemented uniformly across all sites in line with the UK Policy Framework, this is often not the case.

To understand what we can do to make this better, we’re running two surveys. We want a complete picture of the barriers and enablers to implementing amendments efficiently across the UK. We want to hear from sponsor trial managers as well as participating NHS/HSC sites.

The surveys are specifically looking at the implementation of amendments at sites rather than any other issues such as submitting amendments.

If you are a trial manager or trial coordinator for a commercial or non-commercial sponsor organisation, or work in a CTU/ CRO on behalf of sponsor organisations please complete the following survey: Amendment Survey Trial Managers

If you work in an NHS/HSC R&D/I office, or as part of the participating site delivery team, please complete the following survey: Amendment Survey Participating Sites

If you work in an NHS/HSC R&D Office and also sponsor studies, please only complete one of the surveys. Please cascade the trial managers survey to your trial managers to complete.

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