Tell us what you think about transparency in research

Last updated on 10 Aug 2018

We are asking you to complete our short survey on research transparency.

The survey is aimed primarily at researchers, sponsors and funders, but is open to anyone with an interest in the transparency agenda. 

The questionnaire is one strand of a project to make research more transparent. In this project we hope to determine what the current obstacles are, identify future opportunities and drive best practice around publication and dissemination of study findings.

The survey is due to close on 28 September. If you have any queries about this please contact

Bill Davidson

“Research has a crucial role to play in improving the health and wellbeing of the population, but carrying out research is not enough on its own.

“Researchers must share their findings so that others can learn from these and understand what does and does not work. Registering research is important because other researchers can see that research is underway and avoid duplicating effort and it also provides a record against which a publication can be expected.

“Transparency is therefore central to good quality research, which is why we have committed to championing it in our strategic ambitions.

“However, we can’t make improvements until we have a very clear picture of what the problems and barriers are. I’d encourage survey respondents to be completely honest in their answers to give us that clarity. All responses will be treated anonymously.”

Bill Davidson, Joint Head of Policy
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