Organisation Information Document updates

Last updated on 23 Oct 2019

Following implementation of the UK Local Information Pack on 5 June 2019, the non-commercial Organisation Information Document and guidance have been updated to clarify the authorisation section. 

Organisation Information Document - updated guidance and document

This document and updated guidance is now available on IRAS Help.

The changes, in response to feedback from our users, have involved moving the questions relating to the following areas into the main body of the document:

  • Principal Investigator (PI) discharging responsibilities in line with UK Policy Framework and mitigation of any potential conflict of interest
  • sponsor authorisation. 

These questions should be completed even if the document will not be used as the study agreement. 

We’ve also helped to develop some bite-sized learning modules to support research teams in completing the Organisation Information Document and sharing the UK Local Information Pack. These are available on the UK 4 nations compatibility website

When initiating a new study, please make sure you always use the latest revision of the Organisation Information Document available on IRAS. For studies already in progress when a revision is made to the Organisation Information Document template, please continue to use the Organisational Information Document originally submitted.

We’ve also updated the guidance notes on IRAS regarding version control and filing, including a complete change history. 

We value feedback from the research community to continue to streamline our processes and make it easier for all researchers to do research across the UK. 

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