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Last updated on 30 Nov 2022

Transparency in research means making sure the public and research participants are made aware of the results in a timely and meaningful way. This is essential because it builds trust and accountability and encourages future participation in research. It also makes sure that research makes good use of time and money by not repeating studies.

The HRA doesn’t run research. But we work with others to improve research transparency because we believe that trusted information from health and social care research studies should be publicly available for the benefit of all.

In March 2023, we are holding a series of online workshops and talks about research transparency. The activities are for members of the public as well as people and organisations that fund, regulate and carry out social care and health research. The themes will be:

  • ensuring outcomes are fed back to participants
  • ensuring that summary results of trials are published
  • raising awareness of research opportunities

The workshops and talks are being planned by the Make It Public Campaign Group.

What's the activity?

We are looking for two people to help make the workshops and talks interesting, useful, and accessible for everyone.

You don’t need to know a lot about research transparency and we particularly encourage applications from people who haven’t been involved with our research transparency campaign work before. This will help us to make sure that we explain the work clearly.

What will be involved?

his work will be carried out online through Zoom meetings, and email. You will need to:

  • observe a meeting of the Make It Public Campaign Group on Tuesday 17 January 2023, from 2pm to 2.30pm, and meet with Will Griffiths-Stent to discuss the plans for the event so far
  • attend the online workshops and talks in March 2023
  • take part in a group meeting after the event to review how it went

What difference will it make and how will I know?

The Make it Public campaign group has been planning this event since July 2022. The group brings together people working in research and members of the public with experience of taking part, shaping and carrying out research. They have a wealth of perspectives and experience and are all committed to making the results of research accessible to everyone.

To make sure the workshops are useful and inclusive for everyone that takes part, the group would like to ‘sense check’ their plans with people less familiar with the campaign. Your feedback will shape the Make it Public workshops and help the HRA to plan future events.

What support will I receive?

Our Senior Engagement Manager, Will Griffiths-Stent, will be available for an informal chat to discuss the event. Public Involvement Network members usually meet before the campaign group meeting and you are welcome to join too.

What skills or experience do I need to take part?

We think the event will be better if it’s shaped by people who believe in the importance of transparent research; understand how this affects different people, groups and communities differently; and can share constructive feedback.

  • Why do you think it’s important that research findings are shared with participants and the public?
  • What experience or insights do you have into the ways people are disadvantaged by research not being transparent?
  • Can you give clear, constructive, and helpful feedback to people you are working with? Please tell us about how you have done this before, or how you would approach this in this activity?

How do I apply?

Please email the public involvement team by noon on 21 December 2022.

In no more than 300 words, please respond to the questions above.

Please use 'Transparency event' in the email subject line.

How will you decide who will be involved in the planning meeting?

Your name will be removed from your application. Two HRA staff will score what you have written against the criteria. We will invite the people with the highest scoring applications to shape the event.

Will I receive payment?

Yes. In line with our policy, we can offer a fee of £150 per day for an initial three days (£450 in total), as follows:

  • half a day to cover observing the Campaign Group and attending pre-meetings to learn about the work
  • one day to cover contributing to shaping the event
  • one day to cover attending the event
  • half a day to cover evaluating the event afterwards

This is an initial estimate of the time we think will be needed. However, if in consultation with you we agree that this activity will need for additional time, we will cover that too.

Will my expenses be covered?

Yes, although we don’t expect you to have to pay for any travel. because we will shape the event together online. It is our policy to reimburse reasonable expenses incurred. For example, the arranging for additional childcare, or for a carer or personal assistant. We offer a £5 contribution towards any incidental expenses incurred by attending online meetings.

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