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International research network joins public involvement pledge

Last updated on 12 Dec 2022

A leading international network has joined other health and social care bodies in a pledge to improve public involvement in health and social care research.

Cochrane joins the Health Research Authority (HRA) and a host of other organisations in signing up to the Shared Commitment to Public Involvement.

The Shared Commitment aims to drive up standards by improving the quality of public involvement across the sector.

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Evidence shows that excellent public involvement improves the quality and impact of research.

Public involvement refers to all the ways in which the research community works together with people including patients, carers, advocates, service users and members of the community.

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It’s great to have Cochrane joining our Shared Commitment to Public Involvement.

This shared statement, developed with patients, research participants and leaders in health and social care research, will ensure public involvement is embedded across the health and social care research system.

The entire research system is sending the same strong message. That public involvement is always important, always expected and always possible. The evidence is that better research results from involvement, and better research delivers benefits for patients.

Matt Westmore, HRA Chief Executive

Cochrane is an international, not-for-profit network of clinicians, patients and careers, researchers and policy makers creating high-quality healthcare evidence.

Cochrane produces excellent literature reviews for healthcare professionals, patients and policy makers through the Cochrane Library.

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Cochrane provides high-quality, synthesized evidence for health decisions. Involving the public ensures that our focus is meaningful and our evidence is accessible. Signing this public involvement pledge makes a clear statement; the input and involvement of patients, carers, and the public is valued by Cochrane.

Catherine Spencer, Cochrane Chief Executive
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Cochrane has a long and rich history of collaborating with healthcare consumers. The Cochrane Consumer Network has played a formal role since 1995 with over 2,000 members and two Consumer Executives serving on the Cochrane Council. We have recently launched a framework that will help guide Cochrane’s work to 2027. Signing this public involvement pledge solidifies Cochrane’s commitment to ensuring that healthcare consumers are embedded and central to our work.

Richard Morley, Cochrane’s Consumer Engagement Officer

Cochrane consumers have a long tradition of involvement to ensure that evidence is accessible, relevant, and responds to the needs of their communities all over the world. Signing this pledge signals Cochrane’s firm commitment to advancing and supporting the incredible potential of consumers in their roles as users of evidence and producers of evidence.

Maureen Smith, Chair of the Cochrane’s Consumers Executive
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