Health Research Authority joins the new NHS Innovation Service

Last updated on 26 Apr 2023

We are delighted to announce that the Health Research Authority has become the latest organisation to join the new NHS Innovation Service.

The NHS Innovation Service, launched earlier this year, provides support for healthcare innovators from the very first stages of an idea, right through to the innovation being adopted.

The service acts as a front door for innovators to make it easy for them to find the support they need to develop new ideas that meet the NHS’s biggest challenges.

Innovators can get in touch with the service for advice on how to turn ideas into viable business propositions, and find out more about the processes they need to follow. They will then be matched with the most appropriate organisation to guide them through their journey.

Healthcare innovators can now access support from the Health Research Authority through the NHS Innovation Service
Healthcare innovators can now access support from the Health Research Authority through the NHS Innovation Service

In the case of the HRA, we will be providing support to explain the research approvals process and the steps researchers need to take. This includes advice from the newly launched Artificial Intelligence and Digital Regulations Service that we are part of.

This does not stop innovators coming directly to the HRA if they don’t have a specific innovation in mind, or need to complete an IRAS form.

The NHS Innovation Service is there to help anyone who might not know where to start, or have complex questions that may involve several different organisations.

'The NHS Innovation Service really is a one stop shop for healthcare innovators. The service brings together a huge pool of experience, knowledge and expertise in developing – and crucially, adopting – new ideas in the NHS.

‘By helping people access the expert advice that they need, we hope to be able to support a new wave of innovative ideas that can make a huge difference to patients and staff.

‘We know that for someone who hasn’t been through the research approvals process before it can be quite daunting. We will provide all of the advice and support we can to guide innovators through the process, and make it easier to do research that people can trust.

‘If you have an idea for something that could make a real difference, the NHS Innovation Service is a great place to start your journey.’

Zoher Kapacee, Head of Data and AI Programmes at the HRA

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