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Health and Care Research Wales align processes across England and Wales

Last updated on 13 Mar 2018

Health and Care Research Wales is aligning its processes and paperwork so that there is consistency across England and Wales for researchers. This change is part of an incremental approach in Wales to implementing the local information pack across the UK.

From 16 April 2018 all researchers starting new applications in IRAS with sites in Wales will complete the Statement of Activities/schedule of events (SoA/SoE) rather than Site Specific Information (SSI) applications. 

‘In flight studies’ which already have an SSI application in progress will continue to use this route. Until 10 June 2018, applications on either documentation will be accepted in Wales, but after this date all applications should be submitted using SoA/SoE.

All applications received in Wales after 16 April 2018, regardless of the documentation completed, will follow a process that is aligned across England and Wales, and which maintains compatibility across the UK.

Further information is available on the Health and Care Research Wales website


HRA Interim Chief Executive, Teresa Allen, said: “Within the HRA we are providing support to our colleagues in Health and Care Research Wales who will be using the Local Information Pack from 16 April 2018 and we will update information in IRAS to support this change.”

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