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Embracing data-driven healthcare technology

Last updated on 1 Oct 2020

HRA Engagement Manager, Will Navaie, speaks about the work being done to use data driven technology to improve healthcare, including our role in establishing a cross agency advice service for AI and the introduction of our new data and AI policy team to look at how we improve our services.

Will Navaie

We are becoming more reliant on data driven technology in our everyday lives. With a big swing towards online shopping recently the algorithms are going into overdrive learning our preferences to help us make decisions on products that we might like to buy. My impulse purchasing has spiralled but that lego dinosaur fossil set is definitely needed (for my daughter *cough*)!

There is a big question around how healthcare can use data driven technology in order to improve healthcare. The Government has set out it’s AI Mission to use data, Artificial Intelligence and innovation to transform the prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of chronic diseases by 2030. To help reach this we are involved in a number of initiatives with partners.

Along with NICE, MHRA and CQC, HRA is part of the core team establishing a cross agency advice service for AI which was showcased at the NHS AI Lab accelerating the safe adoption of AI event on 24 September where Naho Yamazaki represented HRA. Naho said ‘this service will really help add clarity and build trust in the development and use of AI in health and care’. The service aims to give streamlined advice to innovators, health and care providers and users in order to improve the safety and quality of AI.

We have been working closely with NHSX to feed into joint guidance that will be provided as part of the NHSX Portal, which launched today Thursday 1 October.

Reform and Imperial College London have published their report on Realising Smart Regulation in Healthcare. I was involved in facilitating the Hackathon workshop on data access. It was great to hear some cleaver ideas and solutions towards improving the safe and legal access to healthcare data.

We have created a new data and AI policy team who will be looking at how we improve our services for those involved in the development and use of AI in health and care.

With so much going on in this space it’s a really exciting time. We’ll keep you posted with the progress that we make.

Will Navaie
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