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List and registers

Last updated on 16 Aug 2019

This section details our currently maintained lists and registers

List of our main contractors and suppliers

Details of the organisations the HRA works with is available on request

Assets registers and information asset register

Information regarding the HRA’s IT and information assets is available here.

Register of interests kept within the HRA

The register of interests held for any HRA staff who are engaged directly or indirectly in procurement decisions, the awarding of contracts or the recruitment of staff is available upon request.

The register of interests held for the HRA Board is available here.

Register of gifts and hospitality

The details of any gifts or hospitality offered to the HRA Board or any staff member is available here.

Disclosure log

Details of the previous requests for information made to the HRA and the information provided as a response are available on request. A number of responses are available here.

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