Science and Technology Committee inquiry on Research Integrity

Last updated on 29 Jul 2020

The House of Commons Science and Technology Committee conducted an inquiry on research integrity during 2017/18. On 30 January 2018, our then Chair Professor Sir Jonathan Montgomery was invited to give evidence as part of this inquiry. Following the session we submitted written evidence to the committee. Jonathan wrote a blog about the experience and our Director of Policy, Juliet Tizzard, also wrote a blog about research waste.

In October 2018, following its inquiry into research integrity, the Science and Technology Committee published a report on clinical trials transparency. The Committee called on universities and NHS organisations to improve their performance on registering and reporting result of clinical trials. It also challenged the HRA to drive improvements in research transparency and outlined a set of recommendations.

We released a statement in response to the report and provided the Committee with written responses to their questions as well as a detailed response to the recommendations in the report. We also updated the Committee about our contact with NHS sponsors after the inquiry and corresponded with the Chair about the Committee’s recommendation on sanctions (see letter from Sir Norman Lamb and our response).

On 29 October 2019, our Chair Professor Sir Terence Stephenson and Juliet Tizzard gave follow-up evidence to the Committee (see Video and Transcript). Following the session Juliet wrote a blog about her experience and gave an update on our work to improve research transparency. 

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