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Transparency – registration and reporting: consultation

Last updated on 26 Feb 2020

This HRA consultation has closed and is displayed for reference only.

In July 2013 we published plans on how we propose to promote transparency in research.

We have publicly stated our commitment to develop what we mean and understand by the reporting and publication of trials, and to consider the declaration made to Research Ethics Committees (RECs) concerning registered trials undertaken (including those still recruiting participants) prior to September 2013.

We are now seeking comments on our new paper HRA next steps – registration and reporting.

This proposes:

  • To use the sponsor declaration to Research Ethics Committee (REC) as a mechanism to check compliance with REC favourable opinion conditions introduced in September 2013 that require clinical trial registration,
  • To use the sponsor declaration to REC as a mechanism to add further conditions that all clinical trials in active recruitment in the UK are registered,
  • Plans for further work on registration and reporting findings of clinical trials.
  • A follow-up workshop for stakeholders was held Thursday 18 September 2014.  A summary of the submissions received and next steps can be found below:

Workshop presentations

  • Transparency: Next steps and summary feedback received, which summarises the responses we received to our call for comments.
  • Research transparency: Trial registration and the REC declaration
Paper detailing next steps

  • HRA implementation of updates to the sponsor declaration

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