Recruiting participants in health research: consultation

Last updated on 19 Jun 2017

This HRA consultation has closed and is displayed for reference only.

In 2014 the HRA launched a month-long public dialogue exercise to gain better understanding of public attitudes towards the recruitment of participants in health research.

“Recruiting participants for health research: a public dialogue” was undertaken by the HRA with support from Sciencewise. Public workshops were held in England and Wales throughout November 2014. A website and social media activity contributed to the dialogue. The HRA commissioned independent research consultancy OPM to undertake the exercise, inviting the public to come together with experts to debate key health research issues such as:

  • Who should be allowed access to patient records in order to find people who might be interested in taking part in a study?
  • Are there alternative ways of approaching patients to invite them to take part in a study?
  • Should the level of consent be different for trials involving treatments that are already being used in the NHS?

The project findings are available in the about us section of this site. 

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