Seasonal REC

The Seasonal REC is an ad hoc committee which is made up of experienced REC members from across the Research Ethics Service.

The purpose of this REC is to provide additional capacity in the service to review new full REC application submissions at peak times in spring, summer and winter holiday periods.

Bookings are made in the standard manner via the Online Booking Service within the IRAS system.

The proposed meeting schedule is provided; however, meeting dates will only become available to book when additional capacity is needed within the service.

Approvals Specialist
Danielle Bromage, Hayleigh Keating, Nicole Quelch and Rebecca Throup
Usual meeting venue
Meeting held by video-conference via Zoom
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Meeting Dates

5thDec 23
13thDec 23
18thDec 23
8thJan 24
10thJan 24
18thJan 24

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