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North West – Haydock

Previous name(s)
North West REC then North West 5 REC - Haydock Park
Dr Tim Sprosen
Approvals Officer
Gemma Warren
Approvals Administrator
Keith Haylock
North West
Usual meeting venue
Haydock Park Race Course
Usual meeting time
2 p.m.
Committee types
RECs recognised to review CTIMPS in patients - type iii
Committee flags
Establishing Research Databases
Establishing Research Tissue Banks
Phase 1 Studies in Patients
Research Involving Adults Lacking Capacity
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Meeting Dates

11thFeb 20
10thMar 20
14thApr 20
12thMay 20
9thJun 20
14thJul 20
8thSep 20
13thOct 20
10thNov 20
8thDec 20
9thFeb 21
9thMar 21