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Members of Research Ethics Committees (RECs) appointed by the HRA are selected and operate in the context of a number of HRA policies. If REC members have questions about the terms of their membership not covered here, they should not hesitate to contact their REC manager.

Applying to become a member of a Research Ethics Committee

Our Policy and Procedure for the Recruitment and Selection of REC members ensures that the appointment method of members is fair and transparent and compliant with good practice. This policy also covers transfer to other RECs, and return following a break in service. If you would like to apply to join a Research Ethics Committee, please visit our dedicated area

There is a REC member person specification which you should also refer to when making an application.

Would you like more information?

Visit our ‘become a REC member’ area. 

Terms and Conditions of Membership

Upon appointment to a REC, the HRA as the Appointing Authority requires members to submit a signed copy of the Terms and Conditions of REC Membership. This standard document sets out requirements of membership relating to matters such as attendance, training and declarations of interests: REC member – Terms and Conditions

Members’ expenses

Our policy on reimbursement of committee members’ expenses sets out the terms for reimbursement of REC members’ expenses, which should be read in conjunction with our claim form

Closures and mergers of RECs

From time to time, it is necessary to review the number of RECs operating within the Research Ethics Service. 

The policy document Closure or Merger of Research Ethics Committees and its associated documents, set out when this is necessary and how the process in managed from the appraisal of options available, the closure or merger process, to the placement of members on others RECs.

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