Murat Soncul

Dr Murat Soncul worked as an oral surgeon and completed a doctorate in healthcare technology before undertaking several leadership roles in the NHS in London working on digital health transformation. He worked as the Head of Information Governance and later as the Data Protection Officer in South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust for 16 years. Murat led the Information Governance Working Group to enable the digital strategy for health and care partners in Southeast London and was part of the leadership team in the One London LHCRE (Local Health and Care Record Exemplar) as the IG lead. He joined the civil service in 2019 and worked as the Head of Privacy and Data Protection in Government Digital Service and more recently at the Central Digital and Data Office of the Cabinet Office. Murat’s professional interests include ethical and fair use, sharing and linking of personal data to support digital innovation to improve public services whilst making sure individuals’ rights under data protection and privacy legislation are protected

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