Research Summaries

Last updated 2017-09-22.

Research summaries

The HRA is committed to transparency in health research and Governance arrangements for Research Ethics Committees require that the decisions our RECs make are published. This relates to our own corporate agenda. You can read more about our broader Transparency Agenda here.

We publish the REC opinion (that is the decision reached by the REC). We started the process to roll-out 100% routine publication of research summaries in 2008, and from summer 2014 are publishing research summaries of new research reviewed by NHS Research Ethics Committees, normally around 90 days after REC opinion.

About the summaries

The information contained within the research summaries is extracted from the researcher’s/sponsor’s application form. We provide guidance and comments on the content and may suggest amendments and improvements, however, the final published version is provided and agreed by the Chief Investigator/sponsor organisation.

If you would like further information about a study, please contact the person listed as the point of contact on the study’s details page.

If you are unable to find a study that may have been approved before the automated roll-out of research summaries, or may have been approved very recently, please do contact the HRA queries line.

Please note that sponsors may also request the deferral of the publication of the research summary where there are concerns of commercial confidentiality.

Researchers / Sponsors

If you are a sponsor/researcher linked to a study and you would like the study information updated within the research summary or to defer publication of the research summary (within three months from the date of the final opinion letter) please email For further information please refer to:

(Search hint – If you are searching for a specific REC reference number, please place this within the “ ”, for example “14/EE/0149”)

Participation in clinical trials

If you are interested in taking part in a clinical trial please click here.