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Strategic aim 5: Ensuring the HRA is governed effectively

Last updated on 19 Mar 2018

We want to understand better the impact we are having and how well we are doing. 

This will help us become more effective and efficient, and have benefits for applicants.

We will deliver:

  1. programme of work to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of our internal processes and support the organisation’s strategic realignment
  2. A benefits realisation approach to demonstrating value
  3. A way of using our data more effectively to manage our workload and measure our performance

Making our processes effective and efficient to support our strategic realignment

In further streamlining our application and approval processes we will ensure that we are running our service as effectively and efficiently as we can. We will also seek to streamline our corporate and support processes. These efficiencies will contribute to building our strategic capability. Throughout this programme we will maintain staff and volunteer engagement and motivation through the change.

Developing a benefits realisation approach to demonstrating value

Identifying benefits at a planning stage is a key aspect of modern project management. By committing to this approach, HRA is ensuring that the projects we dedicate time and resources to drive change and tangible benefits to the health and social care research community, and justify the investment in our services.

More effectively manage our workload and measure our performance

With more sophisticated technology we will be able to use our data more effectively to manage our workload and measure our performance. 

We’re running a project to look at the numbers behind what we do, and - if we get it right - it can have a practical impact for people putting in applications. For instance, we should be able to identify any emerging issues in how we’re processing applications before they start to cause backlogs and impact on other parts of the process. We all know that the work we do is just one aspect of getting a research project up and running. It’ll be great to be able to see how our figures fit in with that bigger picture.”

Ian Cook, Director of Transformation, HRA
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