HRA Approval Portal

The HRA Approval portal is a web-based portal which is provided by the HRA in order that NHS organisations can check the HRA Approval status of a study that they are participating in. The HRA Initial Assessment and HRA Approval letters will be available in the Portal for information. The Portal will not provide a complete set of documents – study documents will be provided to sites by the sponsor.

R&D Offices have been offered the opportunity of requesting up to 2 user accounts per R&D office. We recognise that one R&D office may provide research management support to one or a number of NHS organisations (acute, community or primary care settings in CCG areas) but it is anticipated that use of the Portal will be occasional as for most studies NHS organisations will receive all the information they need from sponsors.

User accounts are granted to individuals and accounts must not be shared and each user will be required to sign up to terms and conditions of use.  A user guide for HRA Approval Portal users is provided:

Contact for support for using the HRA Approval Portal.

Please note:

  • The HRA Approval Portal is not the equivalent to the NIHR CSP Module
  • The primary search function in the HRA Approval Portal is by IRAS number
  • The HRA Approval Portal does not list which sites have confirmed capacity or capability, it provides the status of HRA Approval only
  • A very limited number of documents will be viewable on HRA Approval Portal and these may change over time

Note: you can only view HRA Approval studies on the HRA Approval Portal. Commercially sponsored Phase 1/2a Clinical Trials are excluded from the HRA Approval Portal.