Research summary

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At different stages during the lifetime of a research project, you will be asked to provide a summary of your research. You should refer to the specific requirements at each stage to ensure that your summary contains the information required, is pitched at an appropriate level (e.g. in plain English or in scientific language) and is of the requested length and detail.

The summary of research, which is provided for regulatory and governance applications in IRAS should provide a brief summary of the research (maximum 300 words) using language easily understood by lay reviewers and members of the public.  Further guidance on writing this summary can be accessed by clicking the IRAS_Info_Icon button; this will open the question-specific guidance in a pop up window.

Publication of research summaries

Research summaries are published on this website to promote transparency in research, to encourage registration and publication and to provide a simple website publication of research reviewed by NHS RECs in the UK. It is designed to support the improvement of patients’ access to research as detailed in the NHS Constitution.

For more information about the HRA’s plans for greater transparency in research click here.