Volunteer Members: HRA Policies

The HRA recognises that whilst volunteer members on the whole operate independently of its ‘corporate’ machinery, it would be beneficial for them to be aware of HRA policies and procedures that may have a bearing on their activities. These include:


Health, Safety and Wellbeing

The HRA attaches great importance to the health, safety and welfare of its directly employed staff, secondees, agency workers, contractors, volunteers, visitors, contractors and the general public and recognises that good practices reduce the risk of an unfortunate circumstance or event harming anyone on HRA business or visiting HRA premises. The following information leaflet has been developed for volunteer members:


Equality and Diversity

The HRA is committed to providing a service that promotes human rights, equality and diversity and does not discriminate against any staff, potential staff, members, partners, service users or anyone that deals with us in any way. To support this we promote equality and integrate an anti-discriminatory approach in all areas of our work as detailed in our Equality and Diversity Policy:


Information Governance

Information Governance is a management framework for handling not only personal and sensitive information but all HRA information in a robust and transparent manner, applying confidentiality and security where appropriate and operating to high ethical and quality standards. The following HRA Code and Charter should be of interest to volunteer members: