REC Chairs and Vice Chairs: HRA policy and information

In addition to policies regarding general membership of a Research Ethics Committee, there are specific documents relating to REC Chairs and Vice Chairs.


Recruitment and Selection of Chairs and Vice Chairs

This document set details the procedure and process for the recruitment and selection of Research Ethics Committee (REC) Chairs and Vice Chairs. The aim of the document is to ensure that the appointment method of members is fair and transparent and compliant with good practice. The Research Ethics Service carries out the recruitment and selection process on behalf of the Health Research Authority (HRA), the Appointing Authority.

Chairs’ Allowance

The Chair of a  REC appointed by HRA  is entitled to an allowance of £3,600 per year in recognition of the significant additional responsibilities required of this role.   Under Inland revenue rules, this payment is classed as earnings and it attracts both Class 1 National Insurance contributions and taxation under the Pay as You Earn scheme (PAYE).

The HRA has established a policy and procedure for setting out the process for this payment. Should Chairs require further information or copies of forms not published on this website, such as bank details forms, they should contact their REC Manager.

HRA Chairs Allowance and Payment Policy