Seek advice and support

Toolkits and Decision Tools

A range of resources are available to support you; scroll down for details of Toolkits and Decision Tools.

The Integrated Research Application System (IRAS) contains a wealth of guidance and links to help you complete your applications. This guidance is provided within the datasets, through clicking the question specific guidance buttons (green i buttons) and through the Help section. If you are unclear about the application or review process for a particular review body please contact them for advice, as this could save you delays in addressing issues later in the review process.

You are strongly advised to contact the lead NHS R&D office for advice on setting up your study.

If you are running your study through the clinical research networks you should contact the relevant network as early as possible to seek advice on the support available and get up to date news on how to run your project efficiently in the UK.


Guides you through the requirements when testing the safety or efficacy of a medicinal product.

When using personal information and/or human tissue samples in research.

For a range of interventional research types.

For human stem cell research and manufacture.

Decision Tools

Use this to check whether your project is categorised as research

This tool will help you work out whether your study needs approval from an NHS REC. You can print the answer as evidence.