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Prepare other study documentation

When you submit your application(s) for approval(s), you will usually need to provide a number of supporting documents. Information about the supporting documentation needed by a review body is usually provided in IRAS. This information is often also set out on the review body’s website. Each form in IRAS has an associated checklist of documents. For applications which are electronically submitted from IRAS to the review body, you should electronically upload your supporting documents to the form’s checklist in IRAS in order to submit them for review alongside your application.

We strongly recommend that you check what supporting documentation you are expected to provide well in advance of when you expect to submit your application(s). This will help ensure you that you have prepared all the necessary documentation and that it is ready to be supplied. This will avoid unnecessary delays in the review and approval process.

Templates for some supporting documents are available here. In addition there are tools to help here