Define your study category

The Integrated Research Application System (IRAS) uses the following categories for research.

  • Clinical trials of investigational medicinal products
  • Clinical investigations or other studies of medical devices
  • Clinical trial of a drug/device combination
  • Other clinical trials or clinical investigations
  • Basic science study involving procedures with human participants
  • Study administering questionnaires/interviews for quantitative or mixed quantitative/qualitative analysis
  • Study involving qualitative methods only
  • Study limited to working with human tissue samples and/or analysis of data
  • Research using surplus or existing samples identifiable to the researcher
  • Research tissue bank
  • Research database
  • Other research

IRAS contains guidance, which is accessed by clicking the green “i” button, to help you decide which category is appropriate for your research.

We strongly recommend that you invest a little time in reviewing the guidance and selecting the appropriate project category as this question and others in the IRAS project filter determine which applications are required and the questions that are asked in application forms. You should also note that some of the project categories, such as the clinical investigation of medical device option, have sub-categories to help you further define the type of research you are planning.