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Before you apply for approval

If your study is led from England and involves the NHS in England, you should now use HRA Approval. 

It is important that you plan and prepare before you apply for your research approvals, otherwise you may encounter unnecessary delays and complexity.

This section of the website helps Chief Investigators and Sponsors to make sure the project is ready to apply for approvals and to find out which approvals you need. Please use the menu on the left to work through the pages in this section.

We recommend that you apply for the relevant approvals for your project in parallel. It is not necessary to wait for ethical approval before contacting research sites, and doing these activities sequentially will delay the start-up of your project. The right training for you and your research team will help you to deliver your project efficiently and effectively.

You may be able to access support to help you undertake research through the clinical research networks. Make sure you contact them early as they may be able to help you identify the right sites and may provide you with staff time to conduct your project.

Please note that the summary information provided here is complemented by further guidance both on this site and provided elsewhere.

The menu on the left provides detailed information on all the areas to consider prior to applying for approvals. The next section explains about applying for approvals.