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National Offender Management Service (NOMS)

When submitting an application form to NOMS, the guidance within AI 02/2012 must be followed.

Applications to NOMS should be prepared in IRAS and submitted by email to the NOMS National Research mailbox. The submission should include:

  • The completed IRAS application form in XML and PDF format
  • CV for Researcher and all other Researchers
  • Questionnaire for participants (if applicable)
  • Information/Consent form for participants
  • Ethics approval form/an ethics assessment from an appropriate body/covering letter from sponsor if appropriate

You should note that hard copy is not required and that incomplete applications are likely to delay the review process.

All applications will be logged through the central National Research Committee, and then reviewed by the appropriate persons. If consideration by the full committee is required, the application must be submitted by the end of the month for the following month’s committee meeting (enabling views to be obtained prior to the mid-month meeting).

All research applications will be reviewed against the specific criteria. Please refer to the NOMS website for more information about these criteria and the application process.

For more detailed guidance on approval requirements and application procedures for health research in the criminal justice system, please refer to the toolkit published by the Offender Health Research Network.