How the HRA involves the public in its work

Why does the HRA involve the public in its work?

As an organisation that protects and promotes the interests of patients and the public in research, it is important we have a good understanding of what these interests are. By involving and listening to the views of patients and the public, we help to ensure they are placed at the centre of what we do.

Who do we involve in our work?

The HRA involves people from all walks of life, whether they have little or no knowledge of health and social care research through to patients and carers of people who have taken part in clinical trials.

How we involve patients and the public in our work:

HRA Public Involvement Network

Patients and members of the public on our HRA Public Involvement Network have helped us to recruit staff at the HRA, re-designed and developed new content for this area of the website and have worked with us to develop and deliver staff training.

If you would like to hear about future patient and public involvement opportunities at the HRA, please contact us to join our HRA Public Involvement Network.

Public dialogue

Our work as a health and social care research regulator impacts on patients and the public, therefore, it is important that the HRA listens to your views and incorporates them into our work and the policy and guidance we develop. Read more about our public dialogue work here

You can also get involved through responding to our public consultations. Click here for information about consultations that are underway and planned.

Volunteering as a lay plus member on HRA committees

Lay plus members are people who volunteer on Research Ethics Committees and other HRA committees such as the Confidentiality Advisory Group [Read more about HRA committees here] who do not work in clinical research or health care or have a background in it. The views and opinions of lay plus members are important and sit at the heart of the HRA’s commitment to protect and promote the interests of patients and the public in research.

We advertise opportunities for people to apply as members on these committees on our website and twitter @HRA_Latest Further information on the process for applying  can be found here