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The Peninsula Pre/Perinatal Twins Research Bank (PTRB)

Research type Tissue bank
IRAS ID 138566
Contact Name Bridget Knight
Contact Email B.A.Knight@ex.ac.uk

Summary of the Application

Title of Bank The Peninsula Pre/Perinatal Twins Research Bank (PTRB)
Human Tissue Storage Licence
Establishment responsible for management of Bank NIHR Exeter Clinical Research Facility
RILD Building
Barrack Road
Details of locations at which tissue will be stored The Human Intervertebral Disc Tissue Bank will store intervertebral disc material collected from adult patients undergoing routine surgery at Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust. These samples will comprise tissue which would normally be taken at the time of surgery, and which would normally be disposed of in the clinical waste. Therefore no additional procedures with regards to the surgical operation are required. Samples will be assigned a unique alphanumeric identifier which will be linked to the patient's details by a password-protected database maintained at the clinical site. Clinical information to support the use of these samples will include patient age, sex, ethnicity and details on their condition. In addition, anonymised pre-operative magnetic resonance images taken as part of routine care may be observed for the purposes of research. Any clinical information relating to the samples will be shared with the University of Manchester or potential collaborators in an anonymised fashion. Written informed consent will be obtained prior to surgery for all patients deemed competent to consider taking part, and who agree to donating their tissue sample.
Research Summary Programme/community supported by Bank The tissue bank will support the work of basic and clinical scientists. The findings of the work undertaken through the collection of samples by the tissue bank will be beneficial to those working in the fields of intervertebral disc degeneration, regenerative medicine, molecular biology, neurosurgery, orthopaedic surgery and radiology. The research using human intervertebral disc tissue will improve the understanding of degeneration and regeneration of this tissue type. Ultimately the knowledge arising from the work carried out will contribute towards the development of new treatments for degenerative spinal conditions.
REC Name South West - Central Bristol Research Ethics Committee
REC Reference 13/SW/0249
REC Opinion

Favourable Opinion

Favourable Opinion

Date of REC Opinion 29 October 2013