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What’s next for HRA Approval? A blog by Teresa Allen

Published on 4 August 2017

It is a source of real pride across the HRA to see how many health research studies the HRA has reviewed.

Teresa Allen

Since we fully implemented HRA Approval last March, more than 5,000 applications have been approved by our expert teams.

Speaking to researchers recently, it’s clear that the way HRA Approval has streamlined the process – bringing together the assessment of compliance against NHS standards and the ethics review – is appreciated and making a difference.

But we’re not resting on our laurels. We know from feedback that there are improvements we can make to the application and review process. And we can do more to help applicants develop high quality, well prepared studies.

During the next 18 months we will be looking at a number of areas of our work, under the umbrella of our ‘service improvement programme’. Areas we’re looking at improving include:

  • further integration of the Research Ethics Service and assessment processes
  • making it easier for applicants to “get it right first time”
  • amendments
  • additional proportionate arrangements.

These areas have been identified through feedback from our stakeholders and applicants, and we really appreciate that. But we always value more feedback – anyone who would like to have their say, or is interested in attending any future workshops, should contact our communications team.

We’re also working with our colleagues across the four nations to streamline research approval process UK-wide, as exemplified by the recent introduction of the combined IRAS form.

Much of this work has a focus on research not covered by the Clinical Trial Regulations. We are planning for a range of options for clinical trials to accommodate potential situations in relation to new EU regulations post-Brexit.

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