Recruiting participants into health research

Published on 21 July 2015

The HRA has undertaken a large scale public engagement exercise focusing on dialogue between members of the public and health researchers around ways of identifying people to take part in health research. The discussions took place in November 2014 in eight workshops across England and Wales and covered a range of topics including:

The workshops were supported and part-funded by Sciencewise which encourages public debate about scientific issues.

The dialogue with the general public was carried out by independent research organisation OPM. 110 members of the public were brought together with more than 30 researchers and patients to discuss in-depth, and where possible reach conclusions, about the social, ethical and practical issues raised by policies on recruiting suitable participants for health research.

Next Steps

This information will feed into forthcoming guidance on identifying and recruiting participants in health research together with new guidance on proportionate approaches to consent.

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