IRAS four years on – celebrating and building on success

Published on 12 June 2012

The HRA has launched plans on 12 June 2012 for a comprehensive schedule of work. This will include providing IRAS as the platform for the unified approval process to support the efficient set-up of health research.

It will provide a coordinated route for obtaining approvals, rather than making, individual approvals itself. In this way, the HRA will support proportionate review, within a wider context of effective and efficient oversight, to protect and promote the interests of patients and the public in health research.

The HRA will:
  • Provide a single route through IRAS for all approvals and permissions
  • Provide clear signposting through the process, with easy access to advice and support
  • Embed principles and standards of review bodies to ensure tasks are worthwhile, relevant and proportionate
  • Coordinate the activities of review bodies to remove unnecessary duplication
  • Assign tasks to the relevant organisation at the appropriate time and support the exchange of assurances across the system
  • Maintain a UK-wide overall approach that recognises and incorporates individual requirements of the IRAS partners
The further roll-out of electronic submission (e-submission) in summer 2012 will mark a stepped improvement for IRAS and is a key component of the unified approval process. The HRA received positive feedback of the demonstration of e-submission at the event on 12 June.  The system is being thoroughly tested before release and the HRA has committed to further communication of the planned changes before the system goes live.  Announcements will be made through existing networks, including the R&D Forum and via IRAS and NRES
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