Our strategic aims

Our overall strategic goal is to make the UK a global leader for health and social care research

We will work with a wide range of partners to help create an environment where more money invested in research goes into carrying out relevant, good quality research. To achieve this we will deliver the following strategic aims:

  • Leading improvements that make it easier to conduct good quality research in the UK
  • Improving efficiency and effectiveness of systems, and of advice and guidance
  • Building and consolidating productive relationships with public and professional stakeholders
  • Having a skilled, dedicated and motivated workforce and HRA volunteer committee members
  • Ensuring the HRA is managed and governed fairly and effectively, and provides value for money to the tax payer

We will help increase public participation in research by continuing to ensure it is explained well, conducted safely, and to appropriate ethical standards.

We have committed to a range of actions to improve transparency in health research, in line with our statutory duties to promote research transparency. We will make health and social care research even simpler and more efficient to help attract global research to the UK. This, in turn, will ensure the HRA plays its part to speed up the adoption of proven new treatments.

How we do this

Streamlining research

Please see relevant projects and plans in our business plans published here and more details on specific projects on our sections on Research Ethics Committees, Confidentiality Advisory Group and HRA Approval.

Transparency agenda

Our plans to promote transparency in research will provide important reassurances to the public and are part of our duty to support and promote good quality, ethical research.

Our Transparency pages provide more detail, while requirements are detailed in our Resources section.

HRA – patients and the public

There are a number of aspects of our work that will be of particular interest to patients and the public and we have a dedicated section on our website for the public.

Working with devolved administrations

Whilst the HRA’s remit covers England, we work closely with the devolved administrations in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to support UK-wide compatibility.

The HRA hosts the Integrated Research Application System (IRAS) on behalf of partners, including the devolved administrations.