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Our plans and projects

The HRA leads on a number of projects to improve and transform the health research process. Many of these can only be delivered in collaboration with partners. This section gives the current position on each of these.

We also have plans for increasing transparency in health research; we will regularly update this section to demonstrate the progress in this important work.

HRA Approval

This project aims to align the Research Ethics Committee (REC) approvals process with NHS R&D approvals, to reduce duplication by creating a single HRA assessment.

Collaborative improvements to the research process

In collaboration with partners, we are working on development in a number of distinct areas , which together will contribute to the streamlining of the health research process. See more here


We are improving transparency in health research in line with our statutory duties to promote research transparency.

Other HRA projects

The aforementioned projects sit alongside our regular body of health research improvement work.

One major ongoing project at the HRA has been improvements to the integrated research application system (IRAS) introduced in May 2014, enabling IRAS to interact with the central booking system and to receive applications electronically.  For details of the arrangements check the guidance in IRAS.

We intend to strengthen our service to applicants with additional advice available when submitting applications for ethical review.  This work is being rolled out by individual committees over the course of the year.


How you can get involved

A wide range of people and organisations have been involved in discussions, workshops and meetings on these projects.

If you have a particular interest in any of these areas and can work with us to develop and implement solutions we would like to hear from you, through hra.comms@nhs.net. Please bear in mind that we cannot always involve everyone who volunteers, but we appreciate and welcome the interest our stakeholders continue to show.

You can also get involved through responding to our public consultations. Click here for information about consultations that are underway and planned.

How you can keep up to date

To receive bimonthly updates on our project work, as well as other aspects of our work, please subscribe to HRA Latest here.

Please also refer to the News section of our website.