NREAP People


Members are appointed to the panel by direct invitation by the HRA. Where appropriate, appointments of individuals from the Devolved Administrations are made in consultation with the UK Health Departments’ Research Ethics Service and the appointing authorities of the RECs within that service.

All members are appointed on a staggered basis to either three, four or five year terms to ensure continuity of membership. Appointments may be renewable at the end of the first period of office; however, members should not normally serve more than two consecutive terms.

New members may be suggested for consideration by the HRA and appointments made to the panel at any time.

  • John Aldridge, Leicester South REC
  • Prof Richard Ashcroft, Queen Mary University of London
  • Prof Wendy Baird, Research Design Service (RDS)
  • Prof David Bartlett, King’s College London Dental Institute/London Bridge REC
  • Prof Peter Bower, Institute of Population Health University of Manchester
  • Dr Malcolm Boyce, Hammersmith Medicines Research
  • Dr Rhona Bratt,  Yorkshire & The Humber – Leeds West REC
  • Dr Jay Brown, Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Trust
  • Dr Melanie Calvert, School of Health and Population Sciences, University of Birmingham
  • Dr Victoria (Vicky) Chico, School of Law Sheffield University
  • Dr Kate Craig, Wales REC 1, University Hospital of Wales
  • Dr Hugh Davies, Oxford A REC
  • Prof Mary Dixon-Woods, Cambridge Centre for Health Services Research
  • Mr Chris Foy, Oxford B REC
  • Prof Helen Galley, University of Aberdeen
  • Dr Kate Gillies, University of Aberdeen
  • Susan Harrison, Social Care REC
  • Prof Adam Hedgecoe, Cardiff University
  • Prof Søren Holm, Manchester University
  • Glenys Hunt, North West – Liverpool East
  • Prof Jane Kaye, Oxford University
  • Dr John Keen, The Bedford Park Surgery London – City and East
  • Prof Susan Kelly, Exeter University
  • Dr Peter Knapp, Department of Health Sciences and the Hull York Medical School University of York
  • Prof Martin Knapp, London School of Economics (LSE)
  • Dr Simon Kolstoe, School of Biological Sciences University of Portsmouth
  • Dr Alan Lamont, East of England – Cambridge East
  • Prof Graeme Laurie, University of Edinburgh
  • Prof Penney Lewis, King’s College, London
  • Prof Janet Marsden, Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Prof Suzanne Mason, Centre for Urgent and Emergency care Research, University of Sheffield
  • Prof Neena Modi, Imperial College London
  • Dr Michael Philpot, Dulwich REC
  • Prof Philip Preshaw, North East – Newcastle and North Tyneside 1
  • Dr Annette Rid, Department of Social Science, Health & Medicine Kings College London
  • Dr Mark Sheehan, Ethox Centre, Oxford University
  • Adam Smith, NIHR Dementias and neurodegeneration University College London
  • Prof Tim Sprosen, Oxford University/All Trials
  • Dr Martin Stevens, Social Care REC
  • Dr Harriet Teare, HeLEX – Oxford University