The National Research and Ethics Advisors’ Panel (NREAP)

The National Research Ethics Advisors’ Panel is an independent, multidisciplinary expert panel which provides advice to the HRA on an ad-hoc basis.

The panel encompasses expertise in a wide range of disciplines related to health research including moral philosophy, medical research, patient and public involvement and Research Ethics Committees. In 2017 the Panel expanded its scope in line with the HRA’s wider remit and statutory functions and membership increased from 8 to around 50 people to include a number of specialist areas such as paediatric research, social care research, mental capacity, consent and research governance.

The main responsibilities of the Panel are to:

  • Give non-binding advice to the HRA on policy development, and to review guidance and policy developed outside of the panel or by third parties
  • Provide comments to inform HRA responses to external consultations
  • Identify emerging issues with potential policy implications for HRA as part of its Horizon Scanning duty.
  • Contribute to public debate on ethical issues/policy/guidance at HRA hosted events.
  • Chair ad hoc advisory groups and working parties

Whilst the Health Research Authority Directions 2011 apply only in England (by virtue of section 271 of the National Health Service Act 2006) NREAP, appointed by UKECA, will continue to be a resource available to all RECs funded by the UK Health Departments within England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The Panel complements the HRA’s established stakeholder routes for seeking advice such as the patient panel, links with industry bodies such as the ABPI, UK wide Boards such as UKCRC and the HRA-convened meetings such as the HRA Collaboration and Development Forum.

Contact the Panel

The Panel is always happy to receive suggestions regarding issues that might require advice and/or guidance, and can be contacted through

The panel do not meet as a group. Further details can be found in the Panel Terms of Reference.